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Saturday, January 11, 2014

It seems that old wheel guns have stepped up here. I do not have ones as storied as Murphys Law, View from the porch, nor Old NFO

I do have this though! I have not fired it and will do so tomorrow. Full report then!



  1. You realize that requires you to embed the 32-20 Blues.

  2. Massive cool, right there. AAR expected!

  3. Nice!!! I just got back from the range!!!

  4. Matunas was not thinking straight - a .32 makes a good kit gun. My brother carries a .32acp Walther PP and its wonderfully accurate for close in rabbit. Won't penetrate a boar's skull though - he found that out, trying to apply a coup d grace on it - bullet stopped on skull, barely denting it.

    No experience with 32/20, but some good experiences with .32 H&R Magnum (own 2 of them) another winner in my book. Very similar to the 32/20. Very versatile, not much recoil or report and does not burn a lot of powder - deserves far more popularity.

    Had a .30 carbine Ruger Blackhawk and sold it. Shot beautifully as well and had a very flat trajectory. The bug I could not pass on - TOO loud, I began to develop a flinch and that is the kiss of death for me, if you don't enjoy shooting it, it should probably go unless it was sentimental value.