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Friday, May 11, 2012

RIP Carroll Shelby

You made some great rides and Lee Iacocca notes in his book: "Every time Mr. Ford shook hands with that chicken farmer it cost Ford Motor Company at least a million dollars".
 Rest in Peace Sir, your legacy is secure and in many good hands. 


  1. Amen. Only saw one original Shelby Cobra up close, but...Wow. Just wow.

  2. They broke the mold after he was born. I don't think there will ever be another. Iacocca whines, but I bet they made it back many times over.
    Now we get Teslas and Fiskers, aka bonfires.

  3. Shelby is a true legend... and he managed to create cars with performance that didn't need torn down every race or few hundred miles...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Oh, dear. Ol Shel has passed on.
    Last month Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins left us.
    Sad day for all of us gearheads....

  5. The car community mourns. You cannot be a car guy and not respect Shelby. I'm a Corvette guy and even I admit that Duntov is second best to The Man. The one car I always wanted but will never have was an AC Cobra.
    And tough? He had a heart transplant what, 15 years ago? Back when the average life expectancy from such was measured in years, not decades. And he just kept on going.
    Rest in peace Mister Shelby. we are all poorer for your passing but richer for your legacy.

  6. Wow, Indeed! RIP Mr. Shelby

  7. R.I.P. Mr Shelby...A man with tremendous vision when it comes to what the public might want in a car. Any other detailed comments should be kept to ourselves out of true respect....

  8. Oh, I would SOOOOO have one!

  9. Carroll Shelby was an innovator and conceptualizer the like of which we will not see again. He was a mechanical genius (albiet an untrained one) who could translate seat of the pants into reality and he did it over and over again. He was truly a nice guy too! Not too bad for a failed Chicken Farmer from East Texas... RIP Sir, RIP you WILL be missed!