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Friday, May 25, 2012


While some celebrate Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer and ask if you will be "chilling and grillin" during this Holiday, I must point out that is not the reason for this Holiday. Others in the Blogosphere are much more eloquent than I on this matter. 

People died in defense of this Country and the rapidly decreasing freedoms for individuals it stands for. I run this every year here:

I also replace this:

With a new one made here. The old one will be disposed of properly.

Never Forget. The Honor Guard last week performed the final duty for a Brother in Arms. It means much.


  1. It means very much.
    Very, very much.

  2. As one warrior said, "I'm not a hero, but I served with many of them."

    Not all of them made it back home, as I did. May God grant them eternal peace.

    1. Amen Rev. Paul and thank you again for your service to this Country.

  3. I'll put my rememberance up Monday.

  4. And sadly, most of the people I defended think it's just National BBQ Day...