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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Retro Sunday!

I sold a lot of smoke and mirrors back in the day.  Dahalquist DQ-10 speakers? Check. Speak of matched capacitors, silver soldered wiring, turntable bedding? Check. Build Hafler Amps for people? Check. Grado phono cartridges? Check. They were the Monster Cable profit center in the day.

I also sold some things that have even now stand the test of time. Dinosaurs perhaps, but I refuse to get rid of them, even with the demands they make. 

I have two Pyramid 8W subs and two 7's. 

I have made concessions on the mid range speakers and replaced them with some Paradigm's. I still have the Pyramid 7's and run them every once in a while.

Lagniappe's Lair commented a while back that he digged the song "Mr. Blue Sky" back in the day. I you tubed it and sigh.... a political commercial header. So here it is.  Commercial free.

I think. At least you did not have to watch a commercial for "The One" on this version.

The 8W's? Dual voice coil, really inefficient, heavy as hell, big too. 

I mean REALLY power hungry. There is a dedicated Denon Amplifier at 120 watts per channel just for these! 


Built in cross over for the Met 7's. Looks like this on the back panel:

The designer of all of this is still out there. Dick Sequerra is still making stuff.

Bottom line for my readers? Don't believe all the hype. I was glad to take your money and you were glad to give it to me. Even when I sigh... went here. 


I did not stay long.

So do you want to buy some really over priced deionized water? 

Don't worry, I have chosen to use my powers for good now! 


  1. Now, that takes me back a few years...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. Good stuff, too bad I can no longer hear well enough to enjoy it!

  3. I worked at a Rat Shack over the Christmas season many, many years ago. I just about lost it when I heard the "Manager": tell a customer, "No, that doesn't need batteries. It has TRANSISTORS!".
    The guy was as dumb as a box of bricks, but he sure could sell stuff.

    1. drjim, LOL! I was a manager back in the day. I had to give it up!