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Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm back! Sorry about that. Many know that I teach part time in addition to the "day job". I do this two nights a week and the first quarter of the semester is filled with paperwork, getting the pace and rhythm of the classes down (they are different depending on the students), drop/add, and all of the miscellaneous stuff to get down to a working groove for the remainder of the class.

After reading about Christina and Phlegmmy back in school in addition to their day jobs, I consider it an honor and privilege to teach. For people working and in school I say well done! It will pay off in the long run I assure you!   

On top of all that, the "day job" has had some interesting things going on as well.

And then I do have to catch up on the mail:

And then of course I did have to get up close and personal with what came out of the red box (not the one at the quickie mart silly).

Here is the Winchesterburg 500 Super X Pump shotgun out of the box:

Works like it should and although not the sporting type of shotgun it will do what I need it to do. There is an 870 Wingmaster around if I care enough to send the very best!

More importantly it allows me to retire this:

One of my very good friends allowed me to "borrow" this. It did not work reliably at first, but after a new magazine spring and removal of the plug ( a sawed off broomstick), cleaning  and lubrication this thing shot like new!

It is a JC Higgins Model 20 Pump Shotgun. Yep, Sears, Roebuck and Company on the barrel. Over 50 years old and still is a working definition of a "Boomstick".

So off to the range tomorrow for more fun!  


  1. LOL- Yeah, life DOES tend to interfere with blogging! Nice shottys though! Go shoot some and have some fun!

  2. Take the Firestone Air Chief to the range and place it so it can watch you shoot the Winchester. By the time you take the old radio home, it'll be ready to go to work without complaint.

  3. A little R&R at the range is order.

  4. @NFO- After looking at your blog this week it would appear that you are having more of a challenge to blogging than I! Have a safe trip home, whenever that is!

    @ Ed- LOL! I never thought of "shotgun troubleshooting" in such a manner. May be the "split-half" troubleshooting approach in this case.

    @ Supi- I agree and have done so, but a previous student showed up and so I had to assist her. No big deal, but it did cut into my range time.

  5. Keads, home is becoming wherever the suitcase lands... sigh...

  6. @ NFO- I think you would not have it any other way. Just guessing!

    @ Brooke- Thanks! I hope you have recovered from you horrendous shifts!

  7. Not to dredge up an old thread, but...

    Me and my Ithaca are jealous.