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Saturday, February 19, 2011

QOTD- Basic Pistol Class

So today I had 18 students for Basic Pistol class. New shooters including three juveniles with parents! Yes! Perhaps there is hope for the future! 

So while I am collecting the tuition this comes up. I am dressed so:

So a man and woman ask if a check is OK. I say sure. The woman whips out a checkbook and starts writing a check. The man looks over and asks her: "Are you really going to write a Hello Kitty check to the guy with the big gun on his hip?"

Hello Kitty check:

I respond that its OK, there are Hello Kitty AR's out there!

Great class and I am honored to serve in this manner. Congratulations are in order for my 18 first time shooters that shot a .22 semi, a .38 revolver, and 9mm semi!

Gotta go, CCH class starts tomorrow at nine.


  1. Did you have to pick the man off the floor when he found out there are Hello Kitty AR'S? He probably would flip out with my salute to Alamo rifle.

  2. @ Supi- I think I would rather have your rifle than the other one!

  3. Congrats to your students! How old was the juveniles in your class?

  4. @ Stopsign- One girl, two boys. I would say about 13-15 year old range.

  5. Thanks! Travis is interested in shooting now (He's 12) But I'm thinking maybe wait a year, although he is a pretty good shot with his BB gun.
    Is there an age limit with the classes?

  6. Hello Kitty or gun metal grey plain... They all shoot the same!

    I can't wait until my kids are old enough to take to the range. My nine year old is just about there with maturity. Actually, she probably really is; I'll have to talk with the hubby and see what he thinks.

    The other two might be in their forties before I can take them. ;)

  7. @stop- It depends on the maturity of the young one, but as long as a guardian is there, my range is ok with any age.

  8. Hah! That is great!

    Personally I need macho checks for gun purchases. I have He-Man checks.



  9. @ Odie, it is a fashion statement!

    @ North, LOL!

  10. And then here I am again.BTW does the name Paula from the ck. above remind you of anyone....LOL
    Would you say I talk to much? Pssst! Don't answer that one :)