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Monday, January 10, 2011

Retro SNOWday- Part II

It started snowing here about 3:30am this morning and stopped about 4 this afternoon. Now we are getting light sleet and freezing rain.

The back yard at stately manor!

Here a swing awaits summer nights with Iced tea:

 And since it is Retro Snowday here is my Western Electric Model 302 phone doing its thing:

It was acquired in Knoxville Tn. and the MIdway prefix checks out as valid there. There is a link to the telephone prefix project here. Introduced in 1937 and continued production into the 1950's.

I hope everyone has a great week! Stay safe!


  1. It started snowing and freezing rain mix here about an hour ago. I'll drool over your pictures just in case our winter wonderland stops.

  2. Kelly, Looks like you got more snow than we did..
    Great photo's of the snow.

  3. @Supi- I post the pictures of the snow only because it is so rare here. It is beautiful and everyone here freaks out! Bread and Milk! Sorta like Zombies when the weather people start beating the drum! Actually had one media dude say to make sure you had cash if the ATMs went down. That is totally stupid. Even with cash, if the registers are down the kids would be locked up and on top of that the scanners would be out!

  4. It's 75 here, sun is shining, light wind and 30% chance of showers... :-) BUT I'll be back in DC Wed pm... sigh...

  5. Meanwhile, at stately Keads Manor... ;)

    Loving the phone. If you look at my blog, I've got an old radio retrofitted a long time ago with old style electric wiring. It still has glass tubes. The only band it picks up anymore is AM, but the old girl still fires up!

  6. Love the phone!!! That tone is so warm and full of "Pardon Me!" - far surpasses the frantic irksome ringtones of today.

  7. @NFO- HI huh? I hope you make it to DC, we are still locked up here, CLT is pretty much toast!

    @Brooke- Excellent that you caught the reference! I will go check the Blog now!

    @LauraB- Thanks! I totally concur with your observation! A gentle note from a gentler time for sure.

  8. Splendid telephone! --Retrotechnologist approved: I have one just like it on my desk. Most calls to Roseholme Cottage are answered thereon.

    This is (IMO) The Standard Telephone. A 302 in good shape sounds as good as any telephone made.

  9. @Roberta- Thanks! I agree! This is about as good as it gets for a Standard Telephone!

  10. @ Roberta- Seems that I need to throw a WE candlestick phone out next on Retro Sunday as opposed to a old beat up thing that throws projectiles at high velocity! I get virtually no interest on the radios, how sad!