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Saturday, January 15, 2011

From the Bench..

Sometimes you go out into the world seeking the unusual. Very rarely does the unusual ring your doorbell! From a friend that I jokingly call the "curator of misfit firearms" comes this:

An AMT Hardballer long slide! 7 inch barrel, caliber .45 ACP. In stainless, but galling was a problem with these handguns. It was introduced in 1980. Someone has spent some time and money on it, and it does shoot well! Not my brand of choice, but something to entertain me today at least!


  1. @ Brooke- Not as funky as acid drive, LOL! But pretty close!

  2. I wish my friend would show up with a gun to go shoot. That one looks like it would have a kick to it.

  3. Should be good for the long line (50 yards, one-handed) in Bullseye.

  4. @ Stopsign- The longer the barrel and heavier it is the less "kick" you get.

    @ Ed- LOL! It does have some advantages, yes?