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Monday, January 3, 2011

GRRR! I hate this stuff!

On top of what is happening to B.  which is totally unrelated, now I get this:

I have mentioned previously how I feel about this. Now news from friends about another lady about to undertake this journey:

"Marcos Bomfim and his wife Maria have received some very disturbing news.  Maria has been diagnosed with Level 2 Breast Cancer.  They met with the Dr. today and she will begin Chemo & Radiation next Wednesday.

It is a blessing that Maria caught this early because as we all know that is the key to treatment, recovery and hence a long and happy life.  She will be able to spend many years with her children and wonderful grandchildren because she was so conscientious in the early detection. 

I spoke with her last week when she first found out and as true to form for Maria she was upbeat, confident but nonetheless very scared.

Mark nor I can imagine what she or Marcos are going thru now, we can only say that we wish them the absolute best.

I do not have her email address but Marcos is going to send to me tonight in case anyone would like to get in touch with her with any hello’s or words of encouragement.

They are two of the finest people that Mark & I know and we would like to ask that you say a prayer for them as they begin this “journey”.

Godspeed Maria,"

I ask for your prayers for these friends of friends. I trust that if my friends call them friends they truly are. I have met Marcos and cannot envision how he feels right now. This will be a journey. I wish Maria a speedy recovery!