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Monday, February 1, 2016

The 1971 is back!

Getting acquainted with its younger Sister!

Great weekend to reacquaint myself with the '71.  

 Even if am getting to old to get in and out of them =)


  1. Oooooh. Nice.

    Bring it up here and I'll teach you how to not drive it like Miss Daisy. ;-)

  2. So you have more than one car being restored?

    Must be nice....

  3. As long as you still fit in them, and can drive them without difficulty, enter/exit is only a minor impediment. :)

  4. NOW I see why you went with the stripe on the 2015... Don't give one to Murph, he'll drive it like he stole it... :-)

  5. There is a tool/handle that fits into the body door bracket, to give you an assist in getting in and out. $10, called the Car Cane, by Bell+Howell, #9663G, distributed by Emson.

    Just picked up one to see if it will help get a friends' 90yo+ mother in and out of the daughter's car. In his mid 70's, my father stopped driving his Turbo Talons, because it had gotten very difficult for him to get in and out. I was told he had very bad arthritis of the spine, with bone growth, and should have been very painful, but wasn't for him.