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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Yea! One of the problems with "ahem" riding a dead horse is the lack of accessories for them. I turn to Dragon Leatherworks for a pocket holster for this Colt XSP. 

Now I have an excuse to travel to Oak Ridge TN and see the shop and meet some other great people! 



  1. You find the most marvelous toys!

  2. You've selected a good East TN holster maker, if your going to be in the Middle TN area near about the Nashville region let me know and we can try to meet for lunch or supper. If you want to try making a pocket holster on your own its pretty simple with kydex, kydex/leather combo or leather.

  3. Dennis does NICE work,

    But you might try a Sig 238 holster. Close match for shape. VERY VERY close.