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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

One of These is Easy to Get. One is Not.

So you can blow in to a Ford Dealership and have one of these proudly displayed on the passenger side dash with a decent credit score. 

Easy. "Since 1964". 

Much harder it is to actually have a Mustang from 1964. A true piece of history. 

This one has been through a lot in the 32 years my Family has had it. When Lawyers get involved it gets ugly. Finally after all of that 25 years later it is running and soon to be ready for a closeup. 

Make no mistake, this needs to be done right. I am not an MCA fan boy, but seeing people push cars out of trailers makes me sad. If you have the car, drive it! OTOH, this car is very special and all due actions need to be taken during the cosmetic restoration. 

Soon. Very soon. 

And that is part of the fact I have not been Blogging. I apologize.



  1. I once had a very early-in-the-run '65 Pony. Early enough that it still had Falcon tail-light sockets/bulbs. It was only a six-banger, and my sister had wrecked & badly repaired it, so I donated it to a high-school car shop class. They straightened it out, repainted it, and made the old girl look good again.

  2. Sweet. Make it run and bring it up. We can take it on the track at Summit Point.

  3. Good luck with the restoration! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! :-)

  4. When did they start using the 289 in the 1st gen Mustang?

    I know my '67 had a 289, and I thought the 260 was only used in very early models.

    Was the the 260 the base V8, and the 289 optional in 1965?

    1. Ford was switching over to the 289 across the board in '64. Base became the 289. 260's in the early Mustangs only.