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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

50 Years.

So I'm running around and trying to find stuff for the 1964.5 Mustang. They were all titled as 1965's. I ran across this. This little book was everything FoMoCo (shorthand for Ford Motor Company) thought you needed to know about your new 1965 Mustang. 

Granted that cars today are a bit more complex and have many more options than an AM radio. Still though. Here is the packet for a 2015. 

I jokingly say I have not read it. That is not true. After I picked the car up the SD card for navigation was missing and no owners manual. Called the dealership and they handed me this. After that I found all the stuff already in the trunk. Perhaps that is why FoMoCo put the graphic on the top of this packet to tell the dealership where to put the thing =) 


  1. I sat down over the weekend to peruse the owner's manual for my wife's new Escape. The manual is 280 pages, with 43 pages on air bags & seatbelts alone. Srsly.

  2. Won't even fit in the glove box any more is what you're sayin... :-)

  3. There are buttons and lights in my Outback that I'm still not clear on. And the book is so big I've never gotten around to reading it.

  4. Kelly,
    Quick question - would you by chance need an FM add-on radio for the 1964.5 Mustang? While I was cleaning at mom's house, I ran across the one she pulled out of her 1969 Wildcat before she took it to the junkyard. Are those old radio adapters worth keeping, or should it just be pitched?

    1. Yes I would! Email me! I can feed that FM converter into a XM portable!

    2. Will email you once I have brought it home and taken some pictures so you can decide if it will work for you.

    3. Kelly,
      Bad news! On closer examination, the blasted thing is an old CB radio. So VERY SORRY for getting your hopes up. I didn't know they even had a CB. If the FM converter turns up, I will let you know. It may still be buried somewhere in that house.