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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yard Sale!

Sorry, I have been remiss here! 

One of the last times I went to visit Mr. and Mrs. Curmudgeon, Mr. was proud to show me what Mrs. picked up at a yard sale. I think she has a good eye! What do you think? I'm in over my head here with this stuff, but it appears to be the real deal. A Union Fork and Hoe Bayonet, scabbard, and some type of shovel. 

I have no idea about any of this. Any help to research this stuff or information you may have would be greatly appreciated! 



  1. No help, but cool stuff. :)
    I'd take the shovel with a honed edge over the bayonet any day.

  2. Bayonet looks like a short version of the 1905, and that shovel looks like a WWII T handle shovel, if it's USMC marked, it's worth some bucks, if not- Maybe $50.

  3. M1 bayonet, made by union fork and hoe.

    pretty neat.