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Friday, January 9, 2015

What Does This Do?

What does this do? 

It allows you to flip the chassis on one of these to work on it. 


It is a Firestone 4-A-30 Air Chief. It belonged to my grandparents. I was very simple in my efforts to bring it back to life. I recapped it and restrung the dial cord. The tubes are what they were then.

I remember pushing the buttons on it back in the early '70's even though it was no longer the entertainment/media center of the house then. It was kept and cleaned though, representing the expense of such an item around 1947 for a mill worker. 

For now, it will stay here with me as it was a gift to me from my parents some time ago. When the time comes though it will go back to where it belongs. My Grandparents house being restored by one of my Cousins. 

Aside from the broken bezel and missing pushbuttons, it is in great shape! Anybody know where I can get some?



  1. I've built a few of those myself.

    Any idea who made the chassis for Firestone? You might be able to get parts from a similar unit.

  2. If you can get me a detailed diagram of the buttons, I can 3D print you some. That's why I bought the printer in the first place, to reproduce parts for old machines.

  3. I had/rebuilt an old Magnavox radio/cabinet like that when in high school (don't ask how long ago that was!) with parts from Lafayette Radio Electronics. Ever since Radio Shack - a poor substitute IMHO - bought them out, parts are less easy to find. Good luck.

  4. That's outstanding Keads! Kudos for getting it up and running!

  5. Nice! --Have you tried Radio Daze for the knobs?

    1. Thanks! No I have not tried them. I will do so!