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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bowling Pins!

So my friend Murphy is having a Blogshoot. For a good cause and a great time to be sure. 

He wants to do a bowling pin shoot after talking to him tonight. I'm cool with that and would be honored to run that little fun thing. Bowling pins are 4.5 inches across at the widest point. Hit the white part is standard wisdom! If I do this in WV DON'T do this!


  1. We learned the hard way at the conservation club that you don't want to shoot bowling pins when it's 16 degrees F. out. They shatter into a bunch of little pieces. The club was NOT too happy.

  2. So which of your local bowling alleys 'volunteered' to 'host' the event??

  3. Hmm, never tried that, thanks for the idea, Brigid. ;)

    Keads, good thing the shooter wasn't using a 12 gauge, there wouldn't be anything left of the sawhorse. ;)

  4. Probably one of the most frustrating events thee is... LOL

  5. You have to admit, that's an efficient way to clear the table.