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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Colt Collectors Annual Convention

So I wander up to Concord, NC today and whip out my tricked out name badge to see what is going on. It has been three years or so since this event was here. 

Your humble host! I suck at selfies it seems =)

We get to it. There was a sign prohibiting concealed carry and so I went back to the car and dumped the Bodyguard. There were many CMPD and other LEO there. 

I always choose times when the event is open to the public instead of members only. It gives me a feel for how relevant the Colt name is to the public. They did advertise on at least WRFX in Charlotte NC for some weeks, but a classic rock FM station? Perhaps clever in targeting that (me) age demographic or money wasted. 

There were exhibits and vendor tables. There seemed to be less than the last time of both. Exhibits there were impressive. I apologize for the craptacular iThingy photos. 

Everything is expensive. RIA is there of course and there was an auction tonight for members. I vacillated on staying and going to the dinner and auction, but. There were NO younger people there. That is saying something as I am no spring chicken. What I bought 3 years ago for 300 or so was going for 900. I came with a mission though. Find grips for my Python. 



Of course they cost WAY too much, but look much nicer that the aftermarket things that were on it. 



A young friend of mine asked me over a year ago what will happen to Colt when all us old dudes die off. He sorta asked it in jest and he owns and appreciates them too. That is a profound question. The Historian was not there this time that I could see. Historian letters take SIX months and that is after your check cleared? There is little to no retail presence here for new Colt's. 

I seem to be in an abusive relationship. They always meet me with disdain and ask more of me. Yet I come back. I really have no answer to someone that asks why they should pay the premium price new Colt's demand except that they have that rampant pony on them. I hope this is not a dead horse. 

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the convention and the vendors and exhibitors were really pleasant. 

I left and had a cheeseburger with my Mother.  


  1. It's now the same with the old Smiths too... And the younger generation want's plastic and bling... sigh...

  2. Old wheel guns are as much about the art form as they are about functionality, at least imho. The 'plastic fantastics' have their place but none of them have that appeal and feel of quality as a good revolver.
    So where is the next convention? It might be more within range than NC is................;-)


    1. True that! The 2015 Colt Collectors Convention will be in Frisco Tx. 10-1 thru 10-4.

  3. Sorry... I was droolin' on the keyboard lookn' at the Colts...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Collecting anything expensive is for people with time and money. In other words, Old Guys.

    Fortunately, unlike old Colts, they make more new Old Guys every year. ;)

    1. Indeed. :)

    2. Heh! Well played Madam. Well played indeed.

  5. Count me in among those who appreciates the old ponies. I can't stand the new plastic fantastic stuff, for the most part.

    1. The plastic has a place here as disposable tools. The ponies though are different!

  6. Indeed that is a big improvement! It's too bad because the Pachmeyers (sic) work - but darn it they're nowhere near anything like pretty. New plastic revolvers leave me cold.