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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tam Nails it!

Remember this little Smith revolver? Tam got it right. I have 3rd party verification:

So its a wall hanger. Does anyone know of anywhere to get a nice walnut or oak mount for it?


  1. I was close. I called it a .32 DA 4TH Model. Hobby Lobby or Michael's might have shadow boxes already made. I was planning on making one for myself to display my "Lemon Squeezer" safety hammerless 4th model.

  2. Shepherd K- Indeed you were! I would be pleased to have a shadow box made by you if you are so inclined. I don't do carpentry. I seem to keep most appendages intact that way!

  3. Go over to Ashville... They have some outstanding woodworkers that could make you one hellva stand/wall hangar!

  4. NFO- But its Ashville! Any names? Email me if you get a chance.