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Monday, November 21, 2011

100 Years of Evolution

Remember this little revolver? A person I am honored to call a friend picked it up yesterday. He gave it to his 86 year old Father to have a look. Here is the picture I got back via text messaging. 

She is back in battery and the timing is fine. The M&P is not mine, it's my friends. So thankful to have friends such as this.

Better pictures later this week. And yes, we are going to shoot it after modifying some rounds for reduced powder loads.

Oh yeah, he does have a habit of "Pimping 9's". Two tone backstrap, stippling them and the front strap too. I just got mine back. It does make a difference! 

A talented young man! Awaiting call up for OCS with the USN after completing a EE degree. 

100 years of Evolution indeed.