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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Other Side of Teaching

Tonight after lamenting the total "suckitude" of students to friends I have events that have occurred that once again pull me back into this endeavor. First is Christina. I know full well how hard it can be even after almost 30 years after my first 2 year degree. I will say that I have no doubt that she will adapt and overcome. I truly enjoyed her take on the final presentation she and her team made!

The second event was the fact that a student called me tonight and thanked me for my class ending next week.

The third event was that a student emailed me and thanked me for the same and wanted to apologize for missing the final class because she was hired by Microsoft!

I would much rather teach this. 



  1. The students are melting your big soft heart. Congrats to students.

  2. You teachers should be sainted!

  3. Good teachers (like YOU!) are what keep me coming back for more. :)

  4. @ Supi- Congrats to the students are in order! I don't know how you came to the conclusion I have a big soft heart though! LOL!

    @ Brooke- Thanks!

    @ Christina- Why thanks! I do think although I am a bit unorthodox with my teaching that it sticks if someone really wants to know what I am talking about!

  5. @Supi, I had to laugh with Kelly (Psst! I know him) J/P Kelly ( I know you have a Big HEART too)

    @ Christina, I would have to agree!