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Friday, December 3, 2010

King's Carolina Bill and Other Updates

Some of you know that next weekend I get to run a steam locomotive. Not just any locomotive but this one. I get to do it at one of my favorite places as a bonus.

Being the person that I am I needed to be properly dressed for the occasion. I remember many relatives from my youth wearing Pointer Brand Bib Overalls. I searched around locally and was not impressed with Tractor Supply or Wal-Mart selections. So I found this:

Yes Pointer Brand work clothes are still made in the USA in Bristol TN. Fast shipment and they look as good as I remember from so many years ago.Other accessories are needed:

Hat, pocket-watch and work gloves added.

So now for King's Carolina Bill. "Around the turn of the century, Landon Clayton King was raising championship birddogs. Seeing a need for tough and durable work clothing, in 1913, he founded The L. C. King Manufacturing Company.

L. C. King believed that if he could raise championship birddogs, he could produce overalls and jeans of the same distinction. Carrying on the family tradition four generations later, Pointer Brand is recognized worldwide.

The L. C. King Manufacturing Company is proud to make everything in the U.S.A. Having survived two floods and a fire, it still operates out of the original location in downtown Bristol, Tennessee. The employees make bib overalls, coveralls, carpenter jeans, hunting apparel and denim chore coats. Several employees have retired after 50 years of service.

Bill was L.C. King's favorite birddog. Born June 20, 1922, he soon became part of the Pointer Brand logo. He won most of the local field trials during his reign. His pups sold for $50 in the mid-1920's. They also were given as prizes at trap shoots in Bristol. On point he was described as very intense and showed excellent style and character."

I am not advertising for them, but I am impressed that they are still there. Good quality and I think I will buy some jeans from them for work. 
Here is the postcard enclosed in the package:

Love it! 


  1. Shoot! I see they are booked already for Dec. And Mr. Eads we wants pictures of you driving the train....Have Fun!

  2. You are going to have so much fun. No skimping on pictures! I love the picture of the dog too.

  3. @ stopsign and Supi- There will be many pics to be sure! Promise!