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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update! Whew!--I have to do this!

I'm IN! Saturday December 12 at 2:30! Do guys squeeeee? 

One more night of teaching to finish out the week! Missed y'all this week! Happy Veterans Day to everyone.

I have to do this:

"At The Throttle" Puts You In the Cab of a Steam Locomotive

            The N.C. Transportation Museum invites you to run a steam locomotive for a once in a lifetime opportunity.  With the return of the Flagg 75 coal engine, the museum is offering a new program called, "At the Throttle".
            This November and December, thirty minute sessions will be available for those purchasing a ticket to power the Flagg 75 engine Flagg 75 Engineeracross the south end of the N.C. Transportation Museum, the former Spencer Shops steam locomotive repair facility.  Additional dates in March and April, 2011 are also planned. 
            No previous locomotive experience is required.  The program is a unique opportunity for rail fans to live their dream of piloting a steam engine, taking a trip back in time to the golden age of railroading.  A qualified engineer will be in the cab at all times, but participants will be operating the engine, following a 30 minute safety and operation session.

Looks like fun huh? Where is my engineer's hat? Sorry I don't have any coveralls and I don't know if you can still get the Pointer brand anyway. 

UPDATE: You sure can still get Pointer Brand coveralls! Out of Bristol, TN no less! Perfectly fitting for the railroad who's slogan was "The Southern Serves the South"!


  1. That noise you heard was my roomie going "SQUEEEEEEE!" :)

  2. @Tam- So that was that noise! I thought we threw a belt on a air compressor here at work!

    She would love the NC Transportation Museum. One of the largest roundhouses still standing and a Back Shop that is immense. It was the main repair facility for Southern Railway (Keep the Green Light Shining).

  3. I have a feeling your smile is huge right now.

  4. Good one! Go drive it and take pictures! :-)

  5. Sign me up! This made me realize I've never taken a trip on a train, Unless Tweetsie Railroads counts!