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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The War on Terror is Over. We Lost.

An American citizen formerly known as Mollie Norris no longer exists. From the New York Times comes this: "Ms. Norris attracted attention after she published a poster on the Internet in April satirically proposing that people draw figures of the Prophet Muhammad on May 20.
She indicated that the proposal was a protest of censorship by Comedy Central, which edited out references to Muhammad from an episode of “South Park” that month. That episode also triggered threats from extremists. Islam forbids depictions of the Prophet Muhammad." Link to full story here.

The result of exercising her First Amendment rights is that the FBI advised her to "go ghost". Sorta like the Witness protection plan but on her dime.

So let me get this straight. Burn the US Flag, OK. Burn GW Bush in effigy, OK. Post a cartoon of a religious prophet and give up everything you know: your job, friends, family, home.

Link to her former paper's article is here.

Well, if you are going to throw the Constitution in the trash, no need to do it piecemeal I suppose! So much for one of the few enumerated powers the government does have, providing for the common defense.


  1. We are too busy apologising.

    My brother worked at the Pentagon. I don't know how to explain what hell I went through knowing he was there, even as I worked the wreckage of that day.

    He survived, but many did not.

    We apololgise, we invite, we extend olive branches to those that by their own dictates wish us obliterated.

    He and I both look forward to retirement and a life far away from this.

  2. @B.- How gut wrenching that must have been! +1 on the retirement plans for both of you! Catch me up on things when you can.