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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Retro Sunday! S&W .32

According to Mr. Roy Jinks, Historian at Smith and Wesson, this little "J" frame left the factory in 1961 and was shipped to NYC. It is a .32 Long revolver.

Of course we had to have some reasonably period correct ammunition:

It seems to put bullets where you point it unless someone tells you "high and to the right" (inside joke for an anonymous blog follower).

Bonus for all my blogger friends in Indiana, this little artifact was produced by a very good friend that knows of my Bell System collecting:

I have not decided to restore or leave alone. Nice ERTL toy.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day! Stay safe!


  1. I wonder how many miles that van has on it? Would it be showing my knackish ways to see a photo of your micro size collision repair shop?

  2. @Supi- I'm thinking the van has many miles on it! The micro size body shop has all of the tools of a 1:1 scale one except I use an airbrush. I used to build metal body models. Its all the same, bondo, wet sanding, primer, etc... The thing here is to figure out how to preserve the decals. Or just leave it alone!

  3. "high and to the right" Is that your right? or theirs? Have A Good Day!