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Monday, November 16, 2015

Winchester Model 94's

In a previous post I misidentified a Winchester Model 94 as a Model 9422. I felt bad. So I immersed myself in these lever guns and Mr. Curmudgeon presented me with one for "Cleaning" this past weekend. 

Great rifles even if post '64's.



  1. I love lever guns, too, but all mine are Marlins.

  2. Very much did I like my post '64 94. Bought at the hardware store. 5 minutes of forking over the dough and some paperwork and walked right out the door. That is what CA was in the late 70s. It was the first gun I bought after coming of age. Had some great hunts in 9 western states, never fitted a scope. It shot true right out of the box. Never a FTF or misfeed. I had to sell when down on my luck. That hurt. I'd like to get one again.

  3. I'm all about diversity, which is why I have three lever guns--a Winchester, a Marlin and a Henry.