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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Something Different!

I have been building electronic kits since the Radio Shack P-Boxes were out. Soldering I have done for a long time. I have not done so in a while and wanted to warm up again on a simple kit tonight. 

 So I get started after setting up. 

I can't see the color codes on these resistors! Sigh. I have been prescribed bi-focals for years and always declined and get the driving glasses. I cheated and ohmed the resistors out. 

Here is the finished product. Here is the work on the back side where it matters. 


Sigh! I soldered then got a cheap pair of reading glasses to check my work. 

So, what does this thing actually do? 

Recharge USB devices and is smart enough to be recognized as a supported iThingy charger. 

Next up? To put it in the Altoids gum tin! 

You want one? Go to adafruit's Website. She is a smart lady that has many really cool kits to be had! 

If you don't do this but want one, you buy the stuff and I'll build it for ya!



  1. You need to buy a lighted magnifier type lamp, the ones with a BIG lens and LEDs or a fluorescent lamp around the lens.

    I couldn't do HALF of the projects I do if I didn't have mine.

    That Weller iron is a classic! Those irons will keep working for as long as Weller keeps making tips for it.....

  2. You've done that once or twice... :-)

  3. That is most impressive. Nicely done and quite a neat result.