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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Another Excuse to Spend Money!

Although I call the 1994 Mustang my beater, it deserves some respect. I bought it new and it has always met my definition of a fun car. Fun cars to me are any car you do not have to walk home from. I don't count the punk that ran the stop sign that I t-boned as it was not the cars fault =)

Although mechanically sound, some of the usual wear and tear items are showing some age. This makes me feel even older. I already get the NPD 1st gen catalogs and now this:

Sigh.... Ok Francis, maybe some new bling for you after we get done with the 1964.5!

Its been a good ride so far old girl! Thanks for always being there for me.




  1. 222,670 miles? Why, she's barely broken in!

  2. They will run for a LONG time if you take care of them like you do... Just don't go overboard with the bling... :-)

  3. I will live my car dreams vicariously through you. Dad's care precluding most anything fun but he's thoroughly enjoying his remaining days which is what is important.