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Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm Getting Old!

Way back when a TDR was expensive and huge. I had to sign for one and return the thing when I was done. Now? Pffft! 

This just showed up at the house. 

Heh! I love upgrading "electronally".



  1. I remember when they were in excess of $25K and that was in 1980's era dollars.

  2. Wow......a buttset with a TDR!

    I have an older Harris model that does what I need it to, but then I'm not in that biz anymore.

  3. That's pretty cool, right there.

  4. Yep, not your daddy's Techtronix... :-)

  5. Green with envy.
    I remember taking a 3-day class on OTDRs and fiber splicing when we were transitioning to fiber optic cables. Did our site actually have an OTDR? Of course not!

  6. I just picked up an upper-arm-cuff, automatic, electronic blood pressure monitor at Wally World for $15... unrelated to your technology... but something like that would have cost $200 a couple of years back...

    Dann in Ohio