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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ah. The 80's.

Yeah if you did not live through them you would not understand. Here is a tune from Steve Winwood back in 1986. When MTV played music videos! Warning! An ad before the video!

For those that need to ask the parents about the really old tunes, he has more substance than this. Even older. A great tune with lyrics that speaks volumes.  He was the producer of this Album


In oh, 1971. I will never give up this album. My Grandmother gave it to me. She worked at a record store and I hear this album cover is worth some cash. No matter.  A great tune that still has meaning today.  I spin the record up on occasion. 

Yeah, another ad. 

My Grandmother gave me the gift of music. She loved it in all of its forms. R&B, Jazz, Country, Metal, etc. 

I am so happy to have this gift from her from so long ago. 


  1. Great music and even better memories. I love Wynwood and Traffic. This makes me want to dig back through my music archives. Maybe a little Steely Dan tonight...

    1. Ah Damn dude! Good choice! The artists rented out the studio help. The Alan Parsons Project did the same. I DID date a piano player artist on the Turn of a friendly card from the Alan Parsons Project back in the day. She ripped the keyboard off doing the J Geils Band cover of "Flamethower" here. So that's my point 5 seconds of fame. I will never forget it. She rocked that keyboard! She ran it it like she stole it!

      Damn. I'm old.

  2. Those ARE oldies but goodies, thanks!!!

  3. Wynwood: good stuff, all 'round. Thank you!

  4. I posted a Miami Vice music bit from the pilot in my YouTube, today.
    Great minds, and all that!