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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Geek Card Renewal!

Yes, it is time to insure renewal of the Geek card. First, a range review from the past. Next, Brooke over at PaleoCon Command Center posted about her vehicle coming back from the body shop after a bit of a mashup.  She thought about naming the vehicle the Defiant. I get that, so I wandered about on teh Interwebz and found the Defiant on Google and went further. The Reliant.  The modeling had me interested and I went further. I ended up here.

Ok, on second thought maybe I need to turn in my Geek card! This is the best I can muster. I built it in 1992. 

A Stock ERTL kit with lights and sound. That is of course contingent on having a power source. The AA battery holder in the base broke some time ago. The batteries serve as ballast to keep the thing from falling over.  I need three or four hands to do the replacement and for some reason I rebuilt it after three moves. Very fragile. Of course in my defense, my model is not 3.5 feet long! 

OK, time to go back to gun stuff so y'all don't get scared. I am a North Carolina native and can say "Y'all" legally. 

Here is the Enfield awaiting welding. 


Receiver and barrel Serial # match!

Oh, FedEx sucks. More later.


  1. I've got space models, die-cast race car models, ammo, test equipment, computer books, and misc radio gear on my bookshelves.
    Don't worry, you're in good company!

  2. Every Christmas I hang up my 1992 Shuttlecraft Galileo ornament. :)

    Nice Enfield, btw!

  3. LOL, that is a bunch of random 'shots'... and good luck with FEDEX... sigh

    1. My loathing for FedEx has grown again today! Sigh indeed.