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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Cripple Creek Line

My friend at Random Acts of Patriotism posted about the New River Trail. I felt I had to add more information about that little section of long abandoned and removed railroad. It is in Southwestern Virgina, home to both of my parents. This line came to Fries VA where it was the end of the line. A cotton mill town was there. It also went to my Fathers home town.

The town was built on the New River. The town is named after Col.  Francis Henry Fries. I  happen to have his autograph (click anything to well, you know):


This little piece of paper ties my home town with my parents. 

The cotton mill was powered by a dam, and the same power plant provided the town with power.

The view from my Grandparents home is breathtaking now  just as much as then except that the mill is long gone, then it was just a given and as constant as the Northern Star:

Sorry for the quality of the photo. It was taken long ago on a Kodak 110.

So, if anyone wants to, it has been several years since I posted about the last Family reunion. I have picked up a *cough, legion, cough* of followers since then. 
Here is a link to the reunion. Part one, Part two, Part three

Part of my attraction is nostalgia, and increasingly now is the fact I long for some space. To live simpler. 


  1. I like this, history, family and how you've tied it all together....good work. Seems I've some reading to do.

  2. I enjoyed all the links and thanks. If you ever get to the eastern part of the Old North State, please let me know.

  3. I'm glad I bumped your memory box. There was so much history in that area and I have been finding lots of interesting links. Having some personal stories to add to it makes it mean more.

  4. Thanks Stephan!

    Brock- Thanks for the invite. I will definitely let you know if I wander that way.

    ASM- Thanks for the bump! I do miss it up there.