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Thursday, November 24, 2011

No one got hurt!

In my previous post it seems some were concerned about my personal safety. I am pleased to report no fatalities. Much Turkey was consumed. So my big time waster tonight has been the fact that I can search youtube on the satellite TV. I came across two versions of the same song.

Here is the first. 

Here is the second.

I like the song for many reasons. If it matters I like the first version better. If you went to an ELO concert and remember it you were doing it wrong! 


  1. Yikes! The fro!!

    I hope you had a happy Turkey Day!

  2. North- I did! Yeah the fro was all of that back then!

  3. Whoa! Were you blackout drunk on turkey? ;P

  4. Sigh... back in the days when I could hear... :-) Good song!