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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Colt .380 Mustang is Back

So it appears that Colt is trying to get back into the consumer market. I fear that they must to survive as soon as the .gov contracts expire. So here is the NEW (not really) Pocketlite .380 review. I don't have one. I do have this one though, acquired used several years ago.


The disassemble lever scratches are not mine. I can forgive hitting the frame somewhat but not the slide! The first thing to do was to replace the plastic recoil spring guide rod with a stainless one. I am old school in that steel vs. plastic, steel will win. I know the arguments about weight, but come on! We are talking about a pocket .380! Replaced all the springs and took it to the range. Went to slide stop on every round. 

If you get an older one pay close attention to the slide stop spring! Positioned it correctly and she now works fine. 

So I recently visited the Colt Website. Ordered some magazines for the Mustangs. Here is a long overdue if somewhat overdone enhancement; a magazine with a grip extender:

It serves the purpose, but adds greatly to the profile of the pistol. I look forward to shooting it with this magazine. 

So, I am somewhat torn here. With a MSRP of 670 and very little wiggle room I am disappointed. This is a crowded market with the Kel-Tek P3-AT, the Ruger LCP, and even the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard and others. The S&W has all the controls that anyone handling a 1911 would recognize, the others are cheaper to boot. I will assume a dearth of aftermarket accessories as well for this pistol.

I love my Mustangs, they all shoot well and if I had to chose which I would carry I trust the Colt's hands down over a Kel-Tek. I hope Colt figures the consumer market out soon. So far in my opinion, they have not. 

I like my Colts, but simply having a Pony stamped on the side now will not garner a premium price for a pistol such as this. Colt needs to figure that out. For that MSRP, I am well on my way to a used Python! 

Colt, If you want to get me to throw money down for a new pistol, make it a Python or a Woodsman. Hell, Ruger is eating the market on target .22's. Python's are revered for the action. Not Walther made and Colt stamped either. Or have you forgotten how to make really nice, marketable Firearms under the Blue Dome? Or is that little UAW seal on the boxes I have from long ago pricing you out of the market the same way it drove you to Bankruptcy?

Will history repeat itself? I hope not, but I have little faith right now. Sad really.    


  1. I've long had a hankering for a Colt Mustang as I fondly remember shooting my uncle's as a young boy... plinking behind the barn and in the woods...

    I'm not sure why Colt can't get more competitive with their firearm prices... the name only goes so far... and if they lose the big .gov contracts... they'll have to compete price-wise to some extent...

    I'm also a life-long fan of Rugers, and much of the genius of Bill Ruger was in the manufacturing process as it was in the design of guns...

    I'm not sure with Colt living off .gov contracts for so long, that there has been the incentive to reduce production costs like in companies that primarily sell to consumers...

    Either way, it may end up on my gun shopping list... just a little ways down the list though...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. Sadly, I have to agree with you... Colt of today is NOT the Colt of old... no craftsmen left, just geeks and CNC machines...

  3. Also if you want a SAO pocket 380 there's the Sig 238.

  4. Ooh, I just don't like that at all.

    That's what happens when you accept gov't money... You get fat, lazy and stupid.

  5. GGGG- They are good guns, I have three older Mustangs, but there are a LOT of guns I would rather have for that coin right now.

    NFO- It is sad.

    Odysseus- I have not though about that, good one!

    Brooke- Indeed. Works on many levels huh?

  6. Another coment on the SIG P238. Around the Kansas City MO. area you can get a no frills P238 for around 575. And still get the swiss quality and the Colt styling. This will be my next purchase as it will go nicely with my new Sig 1911.