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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sellier & Bellot .45 Auto Review Part Two

On a beautiful Fall day, I watch the air show from my front porch while drinking coffee and then proceed to the range for live fire testing of the S&B .45 ACP ammo.

If you remember from part one, I disassembled a round to check measurements. Today we go at it! 

First the Colt Commander. Here are the Chronograph results:

Good enough and well within specs! A low of 775FPS to a high of 814.

So now we move to the Smith and Wesson Model 625-8:

Here are the results:

Good enough!

So now we go to a Springfield Armory TRP 1911:

Again, acceptable performance IMHO.

Now to the HK-45:


Again, good enough! 

Then we have the "fire everything" string to clean out the box of ammo:

Again, not bad! 

So now a peek inside the high tech testing facility:

Accuracy? It seems the bullets will end up where you shoot. One string at 15 yds:

My thoughts? You can do far worse in ammo than this. I find it perfectly acceptable and we had NO failure to feed or fire across all platforms. The brass reloads well to boot. 

I have no dog in this race, I make my own ammo. You can do MUCH worse than this stuff on the commercial side in my humble opinion!

Go check out Website is easy to navigate and they did ship fast! 

My thanks to my friends at the home range! 

FTC stuff: I was compensated for this review with the box of ammo. My opinions are mine. Your mileage may vary. Offer not good in Alaska or Hawaii. See store for details. 



  1. Good one, and some interesting variation there... Was it noticeable when shooting?

  2. NFO- No, not really a noticeable difference in recoil, muzzle flash, etc. It really is a perfectly serviceable target ammo IMHO. I have observed some white box stuff with bullet setback, mangled headstamps, etc. No so yet with S&B.

  3. I have just about finished a case of S&B 9mm that I got a pretty good deal on. Not a hiccup in 1,000 rounds and I was impressed with accuracy. I think the only thing that I can complain about is getting the S&B red thumb from the primers while loading mags. :)