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Saturday, October 15, 2011

So today at the range...

I ran a Basic Pistol class. One student sported this t-shirt:

Ok, that's pretty good. Better was the woman that showed up at the range during class to shoot. She had some external leg brace on one leg and was using a 4 legged cane on the other side. Her t-shirt? I was trying to keep from laughing out loud! I was being Mr. Instructor and all that then. Here it is:

So I watch enough to see her whip out a Model 10 and proceed to tear the center out of a target. Well Done! Good on her! 

Congratulations to my 5 students today including a young lady that will turn 18 tomorrow. Her Father was in the class riding shotgun and I needed him there anyway for her to have a pistol in her possession. After the class he said that He enjoyed the class and was retired LEO. He said that she would never listen to the "old man" but would pay attention to someone else. Wise man in my opinion!  


  1. I ran five through the basic class too... One had almost no shooting experience, one was a retired LEO after 25 years with 11 years SRT experience... another was 21, another was 77... that's about as wide of a range as I've had in one basic pistol class...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. Good ones, and yeah, never try to teach your own children...sigh

  3. Awesome. Keep churning them out, Keads!

  4. TJ- Woohoo indeed!

    GGGG- Wow, what a diverse class. I get them too. Good on you and keep it up!

    NFO- Sigh indeed. It took me uh, 30 years to hear what my Father was saying to me!

    45er- Oh, make no mistake, I will!

  5. Love both of those shirts. Sounds like a great class.

  6. John- It was! One of the best Basics in a while. Sorry I missed you at the range though!