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Thursday, October 27, 2011

HA! Karma is somthing! UPDATE!

I got the city wrong. It's Richmond! 

The Roanoke Tea Party wants to be reimbursed for: "cost of permits and other fees to use the same area in which Occupy Richmond has settled for nearly the past two weeks for free".

HAHAHAHA.....Catches breath.... HAHAHAHA! 

Full story.  

h/t to Free North Carolina!


  1. One of the provisions most stringently insisted upon by SCOTUS has always been equal treatment under the law. If one group gets it for free, then all must.

    I love it when that sort of thing comes back to bite the liberals in the ... um, backside. :)

  2. Indeed Rev.! I am enjoying this too!

  3. I hope they (we?) get the money back.

  4. NFO- Me too!

    drjim- Yes!

    Matt- heh indeed!