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Monday, October 11, 2010

If you did not know it.....

There was a smoking room on the Hindenburg:

It was equipped with one electric lighter and was under positive pressure. There actually was an airlock for entry.

Pretty handy when you need a smoke and are in close proximity to 7 million cubic feet of hydrogen gas! 


  1. Whoa. I did not know that.

    Um... I think I'd wait until landing and clearing the thing before I'd light up.

  2. that's pretty amazing! and think nowadays they won't even let us stand behind windbreaks in my city!!!

  3. @Sherri- After visiting Peterborough for training I must say my little glimpse of Canada was fantastic. Can't deal with Putin fries though!

    You are considering the music I grew up on a guilty pleasure? For shame! We still have fiddler festivals in the mountains of Virgina. Flatfooting is optional but recommended. You need to try it sometime. The greased pig contest I would refrain from however!

    Thanks for visiting!