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Monday, December 20, 2010

Retro....Monday? The FoMoCo Ornaments!

So a very busy weekend! It was somewhat unexpected and so if you are expecting a Christmas card from me this year, sorry! A repeat of this previous weekend. Congratulations to my 7 new Concealed Carry Handgun students! Even more so for my first time shooters on Saturday! I had a Father, Mother, and Daughter in my CCH class. They were awesome! Good on them!

I did get the tree decorated, but after rearranging a room I could not find the Lionel track that I usually put around the tree. I really don't know why I decorate a tree, Better Homes and Gardens will not be here for a photo shoot ever! Still, here is how I decorate a tree:


  1. Did you only decorate the top? and is that ice cream sticks on it too?

  2. I do like all the mustang treasures on your tree.