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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Retro Sunday- Holiday Starting

First this observation on Christmas Trees:

Then the one great thing about driving a totaled 16 year old car is that it can serve many purposes:

Yes it can bring a Christmas tree home!

The tree did not have to travel far to get here either. Alleghany County to the north, about a 2 hour drive.

So now off to get all of the stuff to dress this tree up!

I hope everyone has a great week, and to my student friends I wish good luck for final exams!


  1. That's a nice looking tree! Gotta love Spock.

  2. Nice tree, I want to see pics after you decorate it too..

  3. You got quite a deal on that tree, compared to prices around here!

    We set ours up yesterday. It was fun; I put on the angel and the kid's 'name' ornaments and told them to go to town with the shatter free stuff! :) It's not exactly 'even', but they did it and they're happy!

  4. @ Brooke- My tree will probably not be even either!

    @ Old- Thanks!