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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ok, let me get this straight.

So ELO (sorta) had a reunion concert in 2001. Well no, not really. I observed enough on youtube to get the DVD only because it was recorded in 5.1 Dolby and DTS. So tonight I fire it up. Had a serious flashback to oh, 1978 or so. Why? Well Jeff was sporting the same fro and sunglasses from a live tour in *cough* 1978. There were some differences though. 

Who is the female background singer?

And who are these cello players?

Certainly not this one.

As to the female backup singer? Rosie Vela. Talented and linked to Jeff Lynne. So why is a dude sporting the same look from '78 hooked up with someone like this? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Rock star. 

So the intro works liked this. Same opening song from '78:

I am underwhelmed. If you want to run the wayback machine better, choose the Eagles "Hell freezes over" DVD. It was mixed much better. Or perhaps it is my Stereo. It could be a contestant for Retro Sundays! 

So for now, new shooter class tomorrow, and this! 

Same song, different verse! Glenfield model 75 in much worse shape than the Marlin 60. 


Yes the steel wool has come out for this one. More later!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, me too. They came close on this DVD, but not quite.

  2. Sigh... wish I could still HEAR well enough to enjoy the music...

    1. NFO- I find your music on the range just fine!

  3. Hmmm... fro's and steel wool in the same blog post...

    Eagles DVD is great...

    Dann in Ohio

    1. Dann- I'm working on the steel wool stuff! +1 on the Eagles DVD.

  4. The singer is Rosie Vela