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Monday, January 2, 2012

In a Rut?

In my last post, Tango Juliet remarked I was in a S&W rut. I beg to differ sir!

This afternoon an automobile approached stately manor. As soon as the wheels hit my driveway, my property values went up 20%, the children within a three block radius all became well above average, velvet ropes parted, champagne fell from the sky...etc.   

Why? Because according to my friend: "Drop in grip safety my A$$!" 

A Kimber 1911 something. Got it back together and as soon as he left, everything went back to normal.

Well except for this little project. 

A little Colt Scout variant. She sounded like a gravel truck. So first the usual minimally invasive stuff. Let it soak in some CLP overnight. 

That was less than satisfactory. So on to the next step. 

After looking at everything I decided it needed a bath. 

Then a soaking!

Now? Well take a look:

Function check was great! And you don't see stuff like this anymore:

Take a look at the snap cap. 

Can't wait to shoot this Revolver this weekend! 


  1. That's a nice one Keads! All four clicks nice and sharp! And it looks like it cleaned up pretty good! :-)

  2. That's some dimple in the brass!

  3. How do you like your sonic cleaner... that is the exact one I've been looking at...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Thanks NFO! I think it cleaned up nicely too.

    DirtCrashr- Yeah! That's a dent for sure.

    Brooke- Thanks!

    Dann- I like the cleaner. It does a good job on parts cleaning and brass as well. The heater and larger capacity make it worth it over the cheaper smaller one.

  5. Present company (equipment) aside, S&W is not a rut. It's a groove!

  6. Very nice! You may detour to S&W, but you always seem to come back to the Pony. :)

  7. 45er- Yes I do don't I?

    Six- Thanks!

  8. You know when the hammer cocks it sounds like C-O-L-T right? Big Grin!

    Al T., cruising in from Tam's blog.....