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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reloading question and random stuff.....

So first off this. About 10 percent of my 9mm reloads will not case gauge. Looks like this:

They WILL however chamber and eject in the Smith and Wesson M&P. Anyone have any ideas on that? 

Secondly, I have a cleaning lady. Love her to death and she is thorough. I trust her implicitly. She came through today and did her thing. I then turned the Roomba loose on the bedroom. Dust bin on it looked like this:


Hmm. I guess the fact it goes UNDER furniture is the point here.

I like this thing!

Yeah, someone with a cordless circular saw can take it, but it does work and does what it needs to do.  

Actual conversation at work today: Me- "Yeah I can do that but as soon as I make something idiot proof they will just come up with a better idiot". 

Still deciding if I will put up a Christmas Tree or not. Better Homes and Gardens will not be by for a photo shoot either way, your thoughts?

Any help here gang?

FTC thingy. I bought everything in this post. So there. Your mileage may vary, check local store for details. 


  1. Still deciding if I will put up a Christmas Tree or not.

    No choice. Dontcha' know Santa won't come unless you have one.....?:)

  2. The case gage is tighter than the chamber of the pistol. If you want to see the difference, set aside the ones that won't fit in the case gage and take the barrel out of the gun, then drop them in and see if they fit. It is likely they will. If they do not, then it is the kinetic energy of the slide that is pushing them that last couple of thousandths into the chamber.

    Since 9mm is a tapered case, a push through die like those that are available for .40 and .45 is not an

    Here's a thread about this problem on Cast Boolits:

  3. Maybe back off a little on the taper crimp die? When I experience this sort of thing with my .45's, the case is kinda humpy backed. Easily visible to the naked eye.

    And then too, AMERC brass is just junk. I've never been able to get it to pass muster consistently. Is any one brass brand worse than the others?

  4. Christmas tree... hmmm... stand an AR15 on end, wrap it in lights, pull trigger to see a star on top...

    Does Roomba make a "brass" sweeper for the range?

    Dann in Ohio

  5. I'd be scared to unleash the Roomba at my place, it'd die of all the dog hair under the furniture. And the Christmas tree thang? Not for me for the past several years, just can't get into it anymore.

  6. Deciding on whether or not to put up a Christmas tree! What are you, some sort of godless commie? :)

  7. If it performs well in your gun(s), that's all that matters.

    I have one 1911 that's super picky but another that'll shoot just about anything. I seperate ammo accordingly. (The picky gun is much more accurate but either will knock down a baddie at seven yards.)

  8. Thanks for stopping over earlier. You're in the blogroll now.

    Wirecutter Kenny might have a thought or two for you.
    he's here:

  9. Christmas trees are over-rated... I still have my 8 inch one up from LAST year and nobody notices... :-)

  10. Thanks everyone. Me and 9's seem to not get along.

    I have been goaded into putting up a Christmas Tree!