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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 80's called......

Not this 80's; sigh....

This 80's: 

They called, they want thier Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) back. Reliance Electric Remote I/O drop that runs a small process.

One of the things I found refreshing about this little Blog thing is that very few ask about the "day job". In fact only Old NFO and Murphy's Law have asked, but only in person.

Here is a sample of what I do during the day. In the picture above is a part of a PLC commissioned somewhere around 1993. It still works great after serving for 24/7 all this time, but when you have to get spare parts off of Ebay and running the programming software under a Virtual Machine in a Windows 2K box running Fedora it might be time to do something.

I was asked to create a task list for this project. To me its simple: Step 1: take old stuff out. Step 2: put new stuff in.

Step 1:

New standalone PLC installed in the top of the backplane, now all that is left is to convert the old wiring to new, program the PLC and operator workstation, test and have ready to go by Monday at 5AM. 

It looks like this:

Lead Tech calling out the old Octal based wire numbers to me, I look up on the left side documents, find new wiring numbers from the right document and print the new wire label for him. After he terminates, I cross off both as complete. We still have a lot to do. 

I also have Basic Pistol class this Saturday and CCH Sunday. This should be an interesting weekend! So, if the posting and commenting is light, please understand! 

So if you came here and viewed this, here is some holiday cheer in my style:

The Mustang fender emblems are special, but the one from a 1964 and a half is really the one of honor. It is the driver side original. NFO asked me what Mustang I am working on now. Sadly, no time right now for it but it is next. Brigid had a wonderful post up that combined several things that I love too, but again, time is short right now.

I hope to be back soon! 


  1. "very few ask about the "day job" "

    What I don't count? See if I call you up and talk sexy electronics to you ever again!!1!

  2. North- Sorry dude! Yes, you are aware of the gig! My bad.

    Sexy Electronics? Yeah they are but only when they work!

  3. North, wait... was that you on the 900 number for sexy electronics? I am so ashamed!

  4. Resistors can be very sexy if they are resisting.

    You can even pick up some transistors, if you are into that. I'm not into trannys.

  5. @North- Resistors can be but it depends on the tolerance level. Sometimes it is not clearly marked on the body of them.

    Trannys, I agree. I prefer tubes for my Amps.

  6. Wow, that looks like a hot mess.

  7. Holy smokes that's OLD stuff! Back before I moved out here to Kalifornia I was a Project Engineer for McGraw-Edison. I used to design things like that into various motor control and process control systems we built.
    I've worked with Texas Instruments "5TI", Westinghouse NumaLogic, and Sylvania PLC's.
    Thanks for the memories!

  8. Oh... Cross connects... such fun.... :-) At least you will have cleaned out that rats nest and drug them kicking and screaming into the 21st century!

  9. I thought maybe you had decided to grow your hair into a mullet...

  10. That old PLC stuff was cool. Or seemed so at the time. I use to do programming for an HV/AC controls vendor back in the 90s. This kinda stuff brings back memories.

  11. 45er- It looks less like a hot mess now, but lets just call it "lukewarm" mess right now!

    drjim- You're welcome! I have worked on most all of the old stuff too.

    NFO- The only people doing the screaming right now is my lead tech and I, LOL!

    PH- I did that!

    Andy- It still works, but can't get replacement parts anymore.

  12. All I can say is: good luck with all that!

  13. I used to do PLCs. A/B stuff mostly, PLC2s, 3s, and 5s. It's how I got into computers, because no one worked on the machines we used to connect to the PLCs.

    All the cards and wires , nomenclature, octal and hex. I miss it. I don't miss 12 hr. night shifts in a production plant.

  14. DB- Update coming!

    ASM826- Yeah, true that!