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Monday, August 9, 2010

Retro Sunday Update!

So it is confirmed. The '94 compressor has left this life to become some scrap metal. As it was a catastrophic failure it proceeded to throw debris down stream to other components. I still cannot complain on the "totaled" car. So to plan "B" while repairs are underway. The bolting on of new components is well within my skill range, but purging and cleaning and recharging I simply do not have the tools for nor am I willing to pay for them.

Here is plan "B":

 The '71 is back on the line! Stuffed some evil R-12 refrigerant in it and although it will not last, it will blow cool air! The red decal on the radiator support denotes the proper charging for this system. I need to convert this system to whatever the non polar bear killing stuff is (R-134a maybe?) but that is really expensive. Oh, the compressor looks like it weighs about the same as a Prius, LOL! Suck that tree huggers! 

So it goes!


  1. You are having "knack" fun. Impressed you have R-12...

  2. @Supi- No Smurf or Black Glocks out yet! R-12 is really tough to have on hand now!

  3. It might require Desert Eagle.

  4. Sorry about your car Kelly! I know how much you love them! Is there no way to save it?