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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting ready for the weekend!

Ok, so first up is the "redneck engineering" exercise for spent primer collection:

Works for me and now on to "working for the weekend":

The venerable .45ACP. Learned a bit trying to reload this cartridge. Hornady ships a generic .45 caliber set of dies. To get the ACP down you need the ACP taper die. Got it and so now I am back off to the races this weekend!

I also need to see if my spring and recoil guide replacements from Wollf works on this little pony:

 I do like the look as compared to the black plastic guide that came with it! Call me vain! On the left is the hundred rounds of .45 made tonight. All of this will be tested this weekend.

Anybody have a recommended load for zombie bowling pins? Running 4.6 grains with a  185 grain Hornady XTP bullet right now. Running a Colt Combat Commander for this!


  1. What's the largest caliber allowed at the indoor shooting range? That's the way to go for zombie bowling pins.

  2. @Supi- they will take any pistol caliber. I am going with .45 ACP. I have loaded some minimal recoil Hornady hollow point loads and will test tomorrow. The amazing thing is that I did not see any caliber handgun cartridge leave the bowling pin.