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Friday, August 20, 2010

EEK! Update

So after some old school troubleshooting we have come to the following conclusion:

Why do I say that? Because it is now relying on the other seven cylinders to move it through life. It no longer produces energy to impart to the crankshaft. It is still there, piston moving up and down, valves opening and closing, but for the remaining 7 productive cylinders it is a waste of energy.

So what happened? Perhaps it is waiting to have its mortgage covered by the other 7 cylinders? Kitchen remodeled? Engine block paid for? Did it believe in hope and change? Perhaps.

This example is just a microcosm of this country right now. We are nearing the point of 50 percent of the population paying taxes meaning that they are productive. The other percentage is like my #6 cylinder. Losing one cylinder here has a profound affect on the effective running of this machine. Just like our country. 

WHOOPS! Sorry.... Got carried away here. I do not recommend old school troubleshooting for newer cars. I do not recommend pulling spark plug wires off of a running car unless you have the proper tools or really like electroshock therapy. 

Verdict.... Fuel injector is toast. Compression good, plug not fouled meaning a ring problem, injector being told to fire, but no fuel being delivered to the cylinder. First attempt is a can of Techron to clean. I will find out shortly if that works. I think not, but do the simple stuff first. Then we are off to injector land!


  1. What happened here? Trouble with your mustang again?

  2. @stopsign, yes. It is not a big deal though. This car is coming up on 16 years old and 191,000 miles. I do expect this kind of stuff.

    Still cheaper than a car payment!

  3. Arent you glad you have the "knack" to fix it..It's been a good car to last this long. My 2nd car was a mustang years ago..(Had no air)thats when I went to my EXP! Good Luck!

  4. @Supi- No it has not, I'm almost afraid to go to the range!

  5. Actually LOLing! Oh my, that's priceless!! I love it!

    'Become a Democrat'...LOVE it!