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Monday, November 1, 2010

German Engineering

Ok, I am not a VW fan, but I did work on some really high tech German stuff in a previous life. Here is this commercial, I do love it! The 1994 Mustang killed a coffee can muffler Honda and although totaled by the insurance company lived to fight another day! The Honda did not!


  1. Keads - You brought back a hilarious memory. My eldest brother had restored this older large car vehicle. (Gosh the make and model are eluding my brain right now) My other brother and I are looking at his shiny car as he is presenting all the hard work he put into it. We walked around the car as he talking about each piece he restored to show room quality. He finally gets done with his presentation. My other brother slaps the top of the car and says, "Man, that is the finest looking pimp mobile I ever laid eyes on".

  2. @Supi- Yeah the 1967 Cadillac De Ville convertible DOES qualify as a pimp mobile. SO much the better, LOL!

  3. @Brooke- That's pretty good too!