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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chrysler Retro Encabulator

In a previous post I linked to a video of the Rockwell Retro Encabulator. It is a old running joke that started some time ago.

So running around today I found the Chrysler version. Listen carefully! Diagnostic manual and song-book? Ha!


  1. :)

    In one of the W.E.B. Griffin "The Corps" novels, a Marine 2nd Lieutenant traveling to flight school at Pensacola idly walks around the commercial DC3 to familiarize himself with the general idea of an airplane. A stewardess nervously accosts him. He tells her he was just noticing that the Jensen Dynamometer seems to be leaking and the pilot should be notified.

  2. Jim, I have only read "The Aviators" and "Battleground" by Mr. Griffin. Thanks! Another book to put on the list! So many books, so little time and welcome!

  3. They forgot to calibrate the Heisenberg Compensators. ;)

  4. @Brooke- If that does not work you can always try diverting warp power to the deflector dish and modulating the frequency, LOL!

    At least no one had to crawl up a Jefferies tube to fix a bunch of sparking stuff! Sheesh.. Did we forget how to make circuit breakers and fuses in the 23rd century!